Curriculum & Programs - Meet Me Back at Bellevue Hill Day 2018










Past students and their families as well as the local community were invited to celebrate with us on Sunday 28 October 2018 for Meet me Back at Bellevue Hill School Fun Day.

The Meet Me Back at Bellevue Hill fun day event commenced with a walk to Bellevue Hill and then events at the school from 11 am to 3 pm. There were fun rides and activities, food stalls, variety stalls and performances from the dance groups, band, choir and recorder group.

Major art works completed by each class and individual student’s work were exhibited in the hall for the opening of the Art Show. Parents were able to purchase their child’s work online and an online auction was conducted for some of the major works as well.

All classrooms were open for inspection by current and past Bellevue Hill families as well as the public.

Archived memorabilia was displayed in the upstairs classrooms in the old building.