Curriculum & Programs - Religion and Ethics Program

What is SRE/SEE?

Special Religious Education (SRE) or Special Education in Ethics (SEE) is the time set aside in Public Schools where parents can choose to have their children educated in the faith of their family and cultural background. The NSW Education Act (1990) allows for the local community to make this contribution to public education, via annually approved providers, responsible for developing age appropriate lessons, training and authorisation of teachers.


 At Bellevue Hill Public School we currently offer the following options for Special Religious Education (SRE) and Special Education in Ethics (SEE):

Anglican studies

Catholic studies

Ethics studies

Jewish studies

Orthodox (including Greek and Russian) studies

These classes are held weekly on a Friday for 30 minutes and are taught by approved volunteers from each organisation.

You can click on each SRE/SEE option to be taken to the approved providers website for more detailed information about their curriculum. All SRE/SEE providers must be approved by the NSW Department of Education and follow an approved curriculum enabling students to learn more about and engage with their religion. Every provider must have a link to their curriculum scope and sequence on their website.

SRE and SEE Teachers are encouraged to use a variety of teaching activities including writing, craft, small groups, class discussion, songs, drama, storytelling, games and new learning technologies.