Our School - School Profile

Bellevue Hill Public School (BHPS) is located adjacent to Bellevue Park, which overlooks Rose Bay and Sydney Harbour to the north and Bondi Beach to the east, hence the name "Bellevue" or "beautiful view".

The School Community
Our school is committed to the development of academic excellence, social responsibility and student welfare within a caring and culturally enriched environment. 

There is a professional and informed school community which has high expectations for their children. There is strong parental involvement in the school with an active Parent and Citizens' (P&C) Association and committees involved in fundraising, traffic management and the environment. 

The students at Bellevue Hill Public School are highly literate and verbal and achieve excellent academic results. The staff members at BHPS are enthusiastic, conscientious and dedicated. They provide safe and secure learning environments which are conducive to positive learning. Excellence in learning is promoted through a stimulating curriculum which challenges the critical thinking and creative skills of the students.

2018 Bellevue Hill Catchment Zone