P&C - 2018 BHPS P&C

Our vibrant school community is supported by an active Parents and Citizens Association (P&C) who work tirelessly to raise funds that support teaching and learning programs.

The Bellevue Hill Public School P&C is open to all parents, friends and members of the school community.

The P&C actively promotes the interests of the school by:

  • Raising funds to assist in the provision of equipment, books, teaching aids and improvements in the school environment.
  • Bringing parents and teaching staff together.

All parents and friends are welcome to come along to P&C meetings. You’ll be the first to hear about the curriculum and other school matters, as well as P&C activities and how you may be able to assist (if you are willing and able). You might even make some new friends! P&C Meetings are held on the first Monday of the month at 7.30pm, in the staffroom which is located on the second floor of the main school building.


Many, many thanks to the 2018 team. You have done a magnificent job.

President – Shelley Borer

V.P- Kerri Dimant

V.P - Robin Rafael

Treasurer- Helene Suskin

Secretary - Alison Butt 


2018 has been another incredibly busy year for the Bellevue Hill Public School P&C. It is particularly pleasing to see that through fundraising efforts taken on by various people, we have continued to contribute to the school and our children in so many fantastic ways. 

Fundraising in 2018 was taken on by different people who have all helped to make a valuable contribution to the school. Every single child at our school benefitted from the successful fundraising initiatives this year which have included - two successful camping trips, Mother's Day gift stalls, Father's Day gift stalls, Entertainment books, Print 35 stickers and The Meet Me Back at Bellevue Hill Day event.

Many hours behind the scenes are spent in planning and preparing for each event. A big thank you to all the parents who have given their time.

It must be emphasised that they are all volunteers and without them we could not do what we do.

Tax Deductible P&C Building Fund

Exciting news! This year the P&C Building fund provided money to install six air conditioners in the school hall thanks to the generosity of the school community.


In 2005, the Bellevue Hill Public School P & C established a Building Fund. The purpose of the Building Fund is to provide money for purchasing, constructing and/or maintaining school buildings. Donations of $2 or more to the Building Fund are tax deductible. Donations credited to the P & C building fund up to and including the 30th June 2018 will be deductible in the 2018 tax year. Receipts for tax deductible donations will be sent to you.

Details of how to make your donations to the P&C Building Fund will be emailed to parents separately.