Berry Avenue Outfit Codes (2024)

If you love making your avatar stand out from the crowd with fully customizable outfits, then Berry Avenue is the perfect roleplay game for you! It offers plenty of outfit choices available in the Avatar menu, allowing you to become a truly unique character from head to toe.

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You can also import your own fashion choices from the Roblox Catalog using Outfit Codes. Outfit Codes are special ID numbers that allow you to import any item from the Marketplace into Berry Avenue. You can earn great rewards for games like this using in-game codes, such as Catwalk Show Codes or Roblox Crown Academy Codes.

Best Berry Avenue Outfit Codes List

Berry Avenue Outfit Codes (Working)

These are some of our favorite working outfit codes you can import in Berry Avenue.

  • Hair:
    • 14338617862—Redeem for Two-Tone Anime Hair Wolfcut Black & Blonde!
    • 12020003803—Redeem for Lush Wavy Hair (Blonde and Brown)!
    • 13388767855—Redeem for Messy Hair w/ Y2K Punk Cat Beanie (White)!
    • 13490062585—Redeem for Messy Influencer Pigtails!
  • Shirt:
    • 10097438498—Redeem for Grey Shirt Grunge Y2K Vamp Emo 2000s (White Black)!
    • 8486071599—Redeem for Raglan Butterfly Blue Tee!
    • 5134719820—Redeem for Black Flannel Aesthetic Y2K Soft Trendy Emo Vamp!
    • 7021249548—Redeem for Black and White Hoodie Champion Sweater!
  • Pants:
    • 5197702014—Redeem for Cute Ripped Y2K Aesthetic Vintage Girl!
    • 14901148532—Redeem for Y2K Cute Black Ripped Pants Aesthetic Vintage!
    • 7191535915—Redeem for Y2K Emo Chain Pants Vamp Vintage Aesthetic!
    • 12298083563—Redeem for Sport Fit Y2K Aesthetic Preppy!
  • Accessories:
    • 12014310349—Redeem for Low Thin Round Glasses Black!
    • 12920022570—Redeem for Shiny Basic Headphones!
    • 13452778789—Redeem for Elf Ears!
    • 5727822995—Redeem for 80s Hanging Suspenders!

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How to redeem Outfit Codes in Berry Avenue

Redeeming outfit codes in Berry Avenue is a quick and easy process.

  1. In the game, open the Avatar menu on the top right of the screen.
  2. In the Avatar menu, press the Menu button in the left corner and then select Equipped.
  3. In your Equipped menu, press the + button to import an Outfit Code ID.
  4. Enter a code into the text box. You can use a code from the list above or head to the Roblox Catalog, find an item you like, and copy the number code found in your address bar at the top of your browser.
  5. Press Add to enjoy your new outfit!

How can you get more Berry Avenue Outfit Codes?

The best way to get more outfit codes for Berry Avenue is to head to the Roblox Marketplace/Catalog and find an item that you'd like to import. From there, you can copy the ID Code, as shown in the instructions above, and paste it into your Equipped Inventory. There are unlimited choices when it comes to creating outfits for this game, and it's really up to you to find exactly what you like.

Why aren't my Berry Avenue Outfit Codes working?

There are various reasons why your Outfit Codes may not be working correctly. The item may have been removed from the Roblox Catalog, or the code was changed unexpectedly. We try to keep our lists updated, but if you notice a change before us, feel free to leave a comment below, and we will try to fix it as soon as possible.

It is also important to double-check your code when entering it. They are almost always case-sensitive, meaning the slightest typo could make them appear invalid. Be sure to enter the numbers exactly as shown in the list above, or I like to copy and paste to avoid any issues.

Other ways to get free rewards in Berry Avenue

Occasionally, games like Berry Avenue will offer other ways to earn in-game currency, exclusive items, and more through codes or other events. The best way to keep an eye on these opportunities is to follow the developers on their social media pages; you can follow Berry Avenue on their Twitter, @BerryAvenueGame, or join their Discord, Berry Community. You can also bookmark this page and check back again to see future updates to the list!

What is Berry Avenue?

Berry Avenue is a slice-of-life roleplay game on Roblox that allows you to create your own unique character by dressing up and becoming a citizen of the town. You can choose to become a student, get a job at several different businesses around, and own a house. You can weave your own intriguing story with other online players, with plenty of roleplay props and features at your disposal!

If you're looking for codes for other games, we have a ton of them in our Roblox Game Codes post! You can also get a bunch of free stuff via our Roblox Promo Codes page. And in the meantime, take a look at the latest news to stay up-to-date on all things entertainment.

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Berry Avenue Outfit Codes (2024)
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